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Australian born, I have worked and traveled around the globe. I thrive on getting immersed in a different culture, exeriencing new places, and meeting people. This thirst for leaning that keeps me traveling had also led to studying: including a Bachelor of Business in Marketing, a Masters in Business Information Systems and various short courses across Tourism, PR, Copywriting and Social Media.

I came across Marketing over 10 years ago as a way to combine my creative flair with my curiosity for Consumer Behavior. (Oh and I was drawn to the glamorous Advertising industry....they lied! They lied!!) Studying design and multimedia, coupled with being an inquisitive nerd led me to learn more and more around the habits of consumers in the digital world and the changing marketing landscape.


Learning how our consumers tick online, who they are through the screen, what our new touch points are and how they still interact with the traditional ones, this will all be vital for us marketers now and incresingly in the future.


I am extremely customer focussed, with a solid (and ever growing) understanding of technology. I can polish a brand/sales message then refine the technology to talk to the right consumer and win hearts and minds in unique ways only digital communications can.

I have also worked with companies large and small with introducing stakeholders to the digital landscape in their early days. Finding a nice in the digital space, even for a traditionally offline business.

Renee Deguara